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    Instructions for preparing papers in IEEE Xplore conference proceedings

    It is crucial for you to follow the following 4 steps!

    Step 1: Revise your paper carefully according to the comments of the reviewers as soon as possible. You may view the reviewers' ratings, comments, and/or suggestions about the paper in your author's account of the ICCAIS 2015 Online Submission System at EDAS. Please improve your writing as possible as you can, and proofread your final paper by an English native speaker.

    Step 2: Prepare your paper in the exact format as the sample paper for IEEE Xplore. Failure to do so may result in the exclusion of your paper from the proceedings. Please read the authors’ instructions carefully before preparing your papers. The sample paper and author instructions f can be found via submission guideline page.

    Step 3: After uploading the final version of your accepted paper,please continue to complete the online electronic Copyright transfer form called eCF.(hte form can be obtained here)

    Step 4: Submit your final materials (source files, pdf, copyright form) via Online Submission System: